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(Simon Chadwick - founder of Reaper Apparel)      

I started Reaper Apparel in 2016 with the intention of bringing out clothing which I love but cant find in the stores.  The designs are very much in your face and are very noticeable on people.  The most important factor is that I try and sell the clothing as cheap as possible so that the brand is available to all.


The products that I produce will be everything from t -shirts, hoodies, caps and to be honest anything which I like and would wear myself.

Why me

When you buy from me you wont find these designs in any high street store. Everything that I produce I would wear myself. The designs are very individual to my brand and I assure you everyone will be commenting on ur apparel from me.  Remember your not buying off any big company so every order goes out with the most appreciation for the customer......and finally I hope u enjoy my product.....much love.....Simon

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Drop me a line if you want any further information about any of the products, arrange custom orders for businesses or leave any feedback that will be greatly appreciated.

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Abertawe, Wales, United Kingdom